Ready to Become a Publicly Listed Company?


Viking Capital assist privately held companies to go public.  In conjunction with the listing, Viking Capital invests its own capital and invite other institutional investors to participate, and work with selected licensed underwriters and registered broker / dealers (B/D firms.  Successful candidates should demonstrate two to three years of substantial growth, strong management and market acceptance.  We prefer late stage, start-up companies, or established businesses with strong growth.


We look for three things:


Management with proven track record – from this industry

A product or service that simplifies or improves people’s lives

Market needs to be ready; not too early and not too late. 

Just right there!


Basic qualification criteria:

• Growth rate 30%

• $10,000,000 in revenue (exemptions do exist)

• Preferably cash flow positive

• Little or no debt

• Seasoned Management (with proven track record)

Please not that we are not an underwriter or registered Broker / Dealer with any regulator in any jurisdiction.